Who We Are

Sound With Us is a Live Entertainment company, specializing in providing high-end musical acts and entertainment services for corporate events, private functions and live concerts.

We are industry specialists with over 25 years’ experience in covering different aspects of audio & visual for live events, locally and abroad, so you know you’re safe & Sound With Us.

At Sound With Us we love our music at great acoustic quality, so you can relish in hearing each note, pluck or strum in perfect balance. We also know how to drop the beats without you dropping your ears off. We take an active approach to live sound and use the best equipment in the market including digital mixers, which allow our sound engineers to adjust and tweak the sound from anywhere in the room without being tied to a mixing desk, so they know exactly what your audience is hearing.

What We Do


Live Audio & recording

Need a sound system and sound engineer for your corporate event, private function or live concert? Click here and see how you’ll Sound With Us >>>


Live bands

Need a funky-cool live band for your wedding reception or brand launch party? Click here to find the perfect band for you >>>


DJ services

Need DJ services for a corporate party, wedding or bar mitzvah? We got you covered. Click here and Stay Sound With Us >>>

Additional Services


stage & props

Upgrade your event with key atmosphere-enhancing features. Put your trust in Sound With Us and let us upgrade ya’ >>>


Mood lighting

Complement your sound with enhanced lighting solutions. Click here and let us brighten up your night >>>


Live Entertainers

Create memorable moments with one-of-a-kind surprise entertainment. Click here but don’t say we didn’t warn you >>>

What Our Clients Say

Meet the Team

Remko Rietmeijer

Remko Rietmeijer

Director - Senior Sound & Lighting Engineer
His parents like to say he was born wearing headphones. At 7 years old being zapped was a regular thing, as he was taking speakers and electronic gadgets apart to figure out how they operate. At 13 he was full-on DJ’ing for friends’ birthday parties with tape decks, vinyl – Old School. The sound engineering bug was deeply rooted.

Fast forward to high school days, Remko delved into sound & lighting for school theater productions, then for fashion shows in his college days. Fresh out of college he was snatched by Bloomberg Television for a contract that would last 13 years and end with the prestigious role of TV director, which gave Remko a deep understanding of sound, lighting and camera operations, as well as the sharp management skills necessary to survive the demanding reality of live broadcasting.

Later in his career, Remko played key roles as chief consultant in the AV and lighting industry as well as events manager for a leading production company, managing projects for celebrity clientele. Remko strives for perfection at whatever he does and is never shy about taking on a challenge. His no. 1 priority is making sure the audience experience is a truly unforgettable one

Lilac Sheer

Lilac Sheer

Director - Head of Live Entertainment
Her mum calls her a natural actress. Writing songs and singing from the tender age of 10, ice-skating and playing guitar at 14 and recording songs at 16, it was safe to say Lilac was a natural born performer. At 18 Lilac cut her first professional demo, landing her a role as lead singer in the IDF air force band.

After her service Lilac landed some key opportunities as singer and voice over artist for TV series, adverts and radio jingles. A year in Los Angeles which included singing and acting lessons while auditioning regularly gave Lilac new industry skills which sparked a 15 years career in the music business recording albums and performing intensively on an international scale. All of the above alongside a strong musical ear and 8 years of Bel Canto classical singing lessons, gave Lilac the pitch-perfect ability to recognize talent and an uncompromising approach to the world of live and studio production.

Always striving for perfection, you can count on Lilac to give an amazing show at a top-notch standard, keeping the crowd engaged and buzzing, as well as to recommend the best suitable song-list, band setting and live entertainment solution for any type of event.

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