Live Audio & Recording

Ok. So you have a corporate event or private function coming up and the wife, or your boss (wait, isn’t she both?) have you organizing the entertainment side of things, but you know absolutely nothing about mics, mixers or amps?

Or – You’re an eager musician or professional band with a great sound and show-stopping performance! You need a professional live concert recording for your showreel? Or maybe a wicked live album recording to take you to the next level?

That’s where we come in. Basically, whichever way you love your music, whether live & loud, DJ’ed & poppin’, or loungy & mild, you’ll need some sort of equipment to enable people to hear it. This may include in full or partially: Speakers, audio mixers, microphones, DJ turntables, monitors and a ton of cables & connectors. You’ll also need a mastermind sound engineer to operate all of the above.

Come and Sound With Us! Our dedicated super-amped (got it?) sound engineers extraordinaire are here to sort you out. With over 25 years’ experience in live broadcasting and event management, our team will know exactly what setup is the ideal one for you and will tailor a specified amplification or live recording plan for whatever it is you have in mind, while creating the ultimate experience for your guests, friends or fans.

Live Audio Recording


Audio For Corporate Events


Audio For Private Functions


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