Find the Right Live Band for Your Event

Find the Right Live Band for Your Event

Find the Right Live Band for Your Event

Whether you’re organizing a private party or a company event, you know the right band could elevate your event from ordinary to extraordinary. However, with so many bands out there it could easily get confusing. What genre should I go for? Should I hire a solo musician or an acoustic duo? Or perhaps a full band for hire, with all the bells & whistles? Getting the full scope of information you need in advance of the booking, could mean a make-or-break for the success of your event.

  1. Musical Genre

Being that there are many types of bands out there, playing many different types of music from different eras, it is important to match the musical genre to your expected crowd. Live Jazz bands and Blues bands market well to corporate events and or black attire events, while Live 60’s and 70’s bands work well for the 50+ age group crowd. Solo classical musicians or a classical duo singing known arias are senior crowd favourites, but a classical ensemble or a string quartet could work really well for wedding receptions or upscale events. If you have a more laid-back event for 30-40 age group, you could definitely opt for a folk band or a country band if you’re looking for an afternoon hoedown. If most of your guests are not a day older than 29, your best bet may be to go with a cool Pop & Rock band playing contemporary tunes, or even hiring a Live DJ for a party vibe, with a guest performer.

  1. Visuals

So you’ve focused on the specific genre you want. Now it is extremely important to choose the right live band for your event according to their visual materials (i.e live videos). Don’t let SoundCloud fool you! A band with nice photos and great audio tracks is a common thing. A great look won’t guarantee you a great sound. But even a great audio sound will not guarantee you a brilliant performance. With today’s gear it is fairly easy to fiddle with audio tracks and make everything sound professional, when recorded using several takes behind closed doors and then hammered with EQs and effects. What you need however, is seeing visual proof of what it looks and sounds like when your live function band actually plays live!

  1. Budget

Obviously you want to make sure the price is right. After narrowing your bands down to several favourites, make initial contact and find out their best quote. To save you some valuable time, here’s a list of things you should mention regarding your event when you contact the organizer for a quote:

  • Date and time
  • Venue location
  • Venue size
  • Stage area size
  • Length of service
  • Event type and theme
  • Musical preferences
  • PA requirements (sound system)
  • Lighting requirements
  • Rough budget
  1. Insurance and cover

After you’ve come to an agreement, it is crucial to find out whether the band is fully insured and whether or not they regularly PAT test their electrical gear. Every professional function band performing at live events, whether it be corporate functions or private functions, should have full public liability insurance covering all members of the band. In addition, the DJ, and the sound engineer should be fully covered with their own specific PL insurance, as well as have proof that their gear has been PAT tested and certified to avoid technical hazards. You should never be shy about asking to see copies of the above before hiring a band, a live audio engineer or DJ services for your event.

  1. Go See a Live Show

After you’ve found the right function band for your event, which both offers you a sweet deal and have great live videos to back it up, the best recommendation one could give you before you seal the deal is definitely to go and see the band perform live. Nothing will tell you more about whether a live band is the right one for you, than seeing them in action. Many bands will invite you to come down to one of their other events, otherwise upon request, most will guarantee you concert tickets or guestlist you at an upcoming event. Even if the repertoire on gig night varies from your own event’s genre specifications, it would still give you a strong idea of the bands charisma, crowd appeal and sense of professionalism.

Whatever it is you’re after, we hope this has helped clear some of the mystery revolving the process of finding a live function band for hire. We hope your event as successful as it can be, and if you need any further assistance or are interested in any of our services, don’t be shy to Sound With Us!

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